Starvac – a vacuum massage which brings unmeasurable effects in the reduction of cellulite and modelling of silhouette. Allows us to shallow little wrinkles, stretch marks and scars, restores the skin’s elasticity and stimulates muscles.

Slimming treatment / anti-cellulite treatment Starvac 1 treatment 5 + 1 for free
Legs 70 PLN 350 PLN
Belly / buttocks / thighs 60 PLN 300 PLN
Whole body 160 PLN 800 PLN
Face / feet reflexology treatment 50 PLN  
Face lifting 50 PLN  

Starvac Treatments have a positive influence:

  • Silhouette modelling,
  • slimming,
  • removing of stretch marks,
  • fat burning,
  • circulation stimulation,
  • healing scars
  • shallowing of wrinkles,
  • healing of stuck lymph,
  • alleviating of „heavy legs”,
  • face and body lifting,
  • stimulation of skin regenerarion after injuries and surgery

Special apparatus treatments: Other treatments

Power Slim Studio

The Power Slim Studio is a real time machine – rejuvenates, makes slimmer and calms down perfectly. This is a modern wellness device with a comfortable bed, music and television.

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SPA Capsule

The SPA Capsule is a multi-functional device which combines the healing properties of the infrared sauna, dry sauna and colour therapy enriched with aroma therapy, Vichy showers, whirlpool masage, foot massage, Scotch douche (needle bath) and water mist.

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A painless treatment to remove the dead skin cells and deeply clean the pores. The cavitation peeling has excellent disinfectant and stimulant properties, which leave your skin intensely refreshed and ready for the further care.

When joint with the face treatment - 30 PLN.

Infrared Sauna (special cabin)


The infrared rays deeply penetrate the body tissues, warm them up, alleviate any tensions and stress as well treat your exhaution. Furthermore, a sauna session helps you burn calories and thereby fight obesity, too. As a result of the exposition to IR rays, your skin becomes visibly healthier, younger, firmer and smoother as well.

Oxygen therapy


Application of a "pure" oxygen which detoxifies and purifies your body, improves its immunity, provides the myocardium with oxygen. Especially recommended to smokers.

Sunny Meadow


A modern and healthy way to get yourself suntanned all the year round and indulge in a cozy relaxation, e.g. after a water bath or a steam bath.

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