Rehabilitation packages by the sea


Rehabilitation treatment packages

Basic Package

  • The kinesitherapy: general development gymnastics, gymnastcs at spine pain syndromes, gymnastics for Amazones, group corrective gymnastics, Children's World, devices for ankle joints' exercises, rotors, electric rotor, cycloergometers, cardiology cyclometer, UGUL, Atlas, water gymnastics and fresh air gymnastics,
  • Massage: physiotherrapeutical, Wellsystem Hydro Jet Medical, automatic lymphatic frainage of upper limbs
  • Hydrotherapy: JET-STREAM, Moto-massage, whirlpool massage of limbs, four-cell galvanic bath, four-cell contrast bath.
  • Physiotherapy: galvanisation, diadynamics, interferrence currents, Kotz currents, Trabert currents, TENS, electrostimulation, ionotophoresis, magnetotherapy, ultrasounds, phonophoresis, myorelaxation.
  • Light therapy: laser biostimulation, Hydrosun lamp, solux: red and blue.
  • Thalasso inhalations,
  • Manipulative exercises of hands,
  • occupational therapy,
  • music therapy.

Package 300 PLN + 50 PLN for free


Package 400 PLN + 60 PLN for free


Package 500 PLN + 85 PLN for free


Package 600 PLN + 100 PLN for free


Package 700 PLN + 120 PLN for free


Package 1000 PLN + 170 PLN for free

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