Hotel by the sea with swimming pool - what to choose?

15 Aug 2019

Hotel by the sea with swimming pool - what to choose?

According to research on hotel user preferences in terms of products and services conducted at the Faculty of Architecture of the Wrocław University of Technology, a swimming pool in a hotel is an element: The results of the research clearly show that the vast majority of us prefer hotels with a swimming pool. However, it is not enough to fill the space with water to satisfy our guests - what should the swimming pool in a hotel contain to make it attractive for guests? Hotel by the sea with indoor or outdoor swimming pool? Outdoor or indoor swimming pool? It is a difficult question - it depends on what we expect, when we go on holiday by the sea, whether we want to stay in the sun or can just protect ourselves from it. Both outdoor and indoor pools have many advantages and provide a lot of entertainment, but there is always a "but": So what is the solution? It's easy - choose a seaside hotel with both indoor and outdoor swimming pools! You can then go ahead and use the outdoor pool if you also want to sunbathe and if the weather allows, and in case of bad weather you can spend time in the indoor pool, where you do not have to worry about the low temperature. Hotel by the sea with Aquapark or swimming pool? To answer this question, you should consider what you expect from the pool - whether it is only for swimming, or also to be a form of entertainment in which you will simply have a nice time. In the Aquapark there are facilities that make bathing more interesting and full of excitement. These are among others: Swimming pool with a sea wave A swimming pool with a rushing river And other recreational facilities Hotel by the sea with a swimming pool for children If you are going on a seaside holiday with a child, make sure that the swimming pool has a special pool for children. Let's make sure that it is fully adapted to the needs of our children and that the use of them will be attractive for our children. Hotel by the sea with a swimming pool but also with a relaxation zone Not just swimming, man lives - after intense fun on the slides and fighting the waves of the sea, man wants to relax and regenerate. What would a seaside hotel with a swimming pool be like without facilities for relaxation? How to relax in the pool? Among other things, thanks to the whirlpool facilities. Such facilities include the above mentioned water geysers and fountains, as well as special areas in the pools where you can relax. In addition to relaxation, hydromassage also has other health and wellbeing benefits: You should also make sure that your pool has a Wellness Zone where you can relax in the Jacuzzi or sauna. In addition, the relaxation area should also include deckchairs at the swimming pools, where you can relax or, in the case of outdoor pools, sunbathe between the baths. Hotel by the sea with swimming pool - activities in the water One of the most popular forms of sports activities in recent years is, among others, activities in the water. It is a combination of fun, relaxation and calorie burning. Depending on the effects we expect, we can choose from the following activities in the water: Water gymnastics Aqua Aerobic Aqua Dance Recommended for older people Moderate pace, good for people in poor condition For active persons Intensive calorie burning People who like to dance Combining fun with sport What are the benefits of activities in water? Hotel by the sea with a swimming pool - choose wisely! As you can see, the pool is not equal to the pool - so choose a hotel in such a way that you won't get bored with your stay in the pool on the first day of your stay!

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