10 reasons why it is worth spending your holidays on the Polish sea!

18 Jul 2019

10 reasons why it is worth spending your holidays on the Polish sea!

Successful seaside vacation only abroad? How many times do we hear that if we want to spend a successful family holiday by the sea we have to look for offers outside our country? This is a myth that can be easily disproved - in today's entry we give 10 arguments for the fact that you can spend your holidays at the Polish sea All Inclusive, which will be much better than those abroad! Animations for children at the seaside in their native language Although many hotels at the seaside abroad employ Poles as animators, most often we meet with the fact that animations are conducted in English or the native language of the country. While during dances the language difference is not a problem, during workshops for children such as art classes or games and sports, where it is required to explain the rules to children, the foreign language can effectively spoil the children's fun. Also, when watching theaters or listening to verbal and musical performances, the pleasure of watching is lost when our children do not understand what the story is about. There is no such problem in Poland, where our children can take full advantage of the attractions offered by the hotel by the sea. In Poland, almost every hotel for families with children by the sea has an animation offer, where the parent does not have to worry about the language barrier. In addition, our child can make a lot of new friendships, without fear of not being able to communicate with new colleagues! Foreign holidays by the sea and climate change. This problem often affects not only children. Many people react badly to climate change, including adults. People are warm-blooded organisms, which means that our body gets used to the temperature and climate in which we live most of our lives - that is why the Egyptian will not be bothered by high temperature, as we Europeans who live every day in a temperate climate, because his body is used to high temperatures. To adapt to the new climate, our body must change the activities of organs and systems that take part in maintaining the thermal balance of the body. Such a sudden change may be particularly unfavorable for people suffering from coronary heart disease, heart failure, hypertension, diabetes, kidney failure, hyperthyroidism and lung disease, because it may lead to exacerbation of the symptoms of these diseases. Sudden climate change may also lead to the emergence of diseases that have not produced any symptoms so far. This problem does not arise when we change the climate from a big city to seaside towns in Poland. The body is accustomed to small temperature fluctuations, which even improves our immunity and forces the body to adapt to a different, healthier climate. Such a change of environment is especially recommended for allergy sufferers. Holiday at the sea abroad and the change of bacterial flora of the water With this problem met probably everyone who has spent at least once a holiday by the sea in warm countries. The bacterial flora of water abroad is different from ours - so ordinary water can effectively spoil our holidays. On the Internet we can read a lot of guides that recommend brushing our hands and teeth, dishes and food in mineral waters, not those from the tap, but remember that restaurants do not follow this type of rules. So you can not avoid 100% contact with water on vacation. Poisoning with other bacterial flora of water causes the so-called Pharaoh's Revenge manifested by diarrhoea and udders, which makes it possible to spend a few days of vacation, instead of on the beach, in the hotel's toilet. Holidays in Poland = you go as you want and when you want! Many tourist countries can not be reached otherwise than by plane - so if you suffer from panicky fear of flying or struggling with claustrophobia, you must unfortunately deal with the taste and choose a different destination. Your suitcase also can not contain many cosmetics and items that you would like to take on vacation, and you can forget about plans to take half a wardrobe of dresses and jewelry on holiday. However, you can choose to travel by bus, which means more than 30 hours of driving in an uncomfortable position, and also take into account the risk of traffic jams on the road and sometimes several hours of customs checks. Traveling abroad often also means wandering around by plane or coach in situations where there are no airports in the place where you are going on holiday. However, it doesn't matter whether you're going on holiday by bus or plane, if you're late at the scheduled departure time, no one will be waiting for you. What if you choose a hotel by the sea in Poland? If you are driving a car, you can adjust the time you want to leave by yourself and change it at any time. Your luggage may also be as big as the volume of your trunk allows. Don't you have a car? No problem - train, coach, plane- which transport do you choose? Adapt it to your and your family needs!

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