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Water gymnastics

The water gymnastics should be understood as the basic form of treatment for any locomotor organ ailments. Due to the physical activity monitored by specialists, the condition of locomotor organ is much better. Bear it in mind that the gymntastics has a good impact on the joint surfaces, elasticity and springness of joint capsules and ligaments as well a on the general condition of the patient to the similar extent.

A special form of kineitherapy are group assistive exercises in water (i.e. performed in the so called state of a relief provided by the water). Additionally, such an environment lowers the excitibility of the nervus system, loosens tensed muscles and brings relief to the joints. Such activities are perfomoed in a group built according to the sex, age level, general fitness and physical capacity. The classes are conducted by a master of physiotherapy with years of experience to boast about. The treatment aims at bringing a reie, loosening the pressure of the joint surfaces in movement, reducing any pain and swelling, providing the patient wth amental comfort, relaxation and a good frame of mind.

Thalasso Ihalations

A therapeutic treatment consisting of inhalations with mineral water steam. The healing properties of salt have been known for ages now and already in the Ancient World physicians recommended to ill people breathing the sea air in. Cosmetics of those times also included salt. Also in Poland, actually right from the beginning of the health resort medicine in the country, treatment stays at the Baltic Sea and breathing with the iodine were a key to recovery.

Articifial caves with the Thalasso Inhalations have been mushrooming around the world for a few years now. They let us enjoy the bliss of a marine climate even miles away from the sea. A nice atmosphere you are lying on a heated seat, relaxing and breathing in all of these precious microelements.

The specific microclimate of the cave, full of air saturated with minerals and microelements, can constitute a supporting treatment of various ailments. Powietrze zawiera

  • IODINE – responsible for a proper functioning of the thyroid, which is in turn the organ controlling the metabolism and body weight.
  • CALCIUM – strengthens our immune system, alleviates any irritations and regulates the blood flow system.
  • MAGNESIUM – is a well-known anti-stress element which as a positive influence on the cardiovascular system.
  • POTASSIUM, SODIUM, CHLORIDES – they also have a positive influence on the heartbeat, they improve the blood supply in the skin.
  • IRON – as you know – an essential ingredient of haemoglobin.
  • COPPER – it works antifungal, causes the synthesis of haemoglobin and internal glands, e.g. the pituitary or thyroid gland.
  • SELENIUM – slows down the skin aging.

The cave sessions are helpful in case of the following ailments:

  • hyperparathyroidism;
  • respiratory disease - catarrh of the upper respiratory passages and nose, laryngitis, chronic rhinitis, inflammation of the throat, larynx, sinusitis, chronic inflammations of pneumonia and bronchitis, pneumoconiosis.
  • dermatological diseases (psoriasis, acne, skin inflammations)
  • allergies,
  • digestive system diseases - gastric and duodenal ulcers, stomach gastritis, untypical inflammation of the large intestine,
  • psychosomatic diseases: neurosis, depression, fatigue, problems with concentration, lowered stress-resistance, overwork.

Stays in the cave are also indicated for heavy smokers and people working in a dust (bakers, millers miners, welders, persons employed in the processing of plants and disposal of asbestos, persons coming into contact with cement etc.). They combat and prevent the inflammations of the respiratory system, moisturize the mucous membrane, facilitate the expectoration of secretions.

The Thalasso Inhalations are highly effective and they result in a refreshed, cleansed skin, free of any toxins, which even for the demanding guests should be a great deal. They help you remineralise your organism, stimulate your immune system and urge it to a self-renewal, bringing perfect relaxation at the same time.

Deep whirlpool massage of lower limbs

A treatment consisting in a massage of lower limbs and lower spine section. A patient is sitting on a special chair inside a bath full of water. The bath is equipped with a mechanical device which makes the water rotate.

This bath constitutes a soft massage enriched with the power of warmth. The treatment loosens tissues, lowers the musucular tension, improves the blood supply and alleviates pain.


  • Chronc joint inflammations and pariaticular inflammations,
  • osteoarthritis,
  • disturbances of the blood supply in the limbs,
  • muscular artrophy and weakness,
  • Post-traumatic condition,
  • Cicatricial contractures.

Gymnastics for Amazones

Exercises for the Amazones, that is for women after the breast amputation. Such a therapy aims at supporting of the upper limb capacity on the surgically treated side. This gymnastics includes also exercises of the shoulder bet muscle, deltoid muscle, stomach muscle and breathing exercises. No age restrictions.

General development gymnastics

Aims at improving the general physical capacity and endurance of the patient, developing proper posture, movement coordination, habit of sensing and smoothness of movements, preserving the full extent of the joints' moves, lenght and elasticity as well as strenght and endurance of muscles. These exercises are destined for all patients, irregardless of the special therapy adjusted to this special motor organ disfunction or disease. Usually performed in a group, this gymnastics support the emotional engagement and encourage to exercise more effectively.

"Power of Touch" massage

240 PLN

Nourishing massage with peeling - a wealth of active oils moisturizes and nourishes the skin. It brings relief to the body and soul.

Therapeutic mud compresses

The therapeutic mud is a sort of a healing peat occurring on the surface, being a result of various natural processes. The mud influences the human organism through making it absorb specific ingredients of chemical and enzyme nature. The preparation has also excellent thermal properties. After having been laid down onto the skin, the compress starts releasing warmth right away. The mechanism of healing role played by the therapeutic mud consists in the thermal – mechanical influence – resulting from the pressure exerted by the therapeutic mud mass on the skin combined with the impact the chemical substances and hormonal bodies included in the preparation.

The treatments with the therapeutic mud have strong stimulating, ant-inflammatory and analgesic properties. They warm the body up, kill bacteria and tighten the skin. Your skin becomes fresh, nourished and young again.


  • Degenerative changes in the peripheral joints and spine
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)
  • Parietal apraxia (sciatica)
  • Post-injury conditions and diseases of the musculoskeletal system,
  • After injures of soft tissues
  • Combating of cellulite
  • Skin inflammations
1 section 20 PLN 160 PLN
2 sections 25 PLN 200 PLN

Oxygen therapy

The oxygen therapy stimulates the organism detoxification, rejuvenates, activates the vital forces and immunity system. According to research, the hypoxia of the organism is one of the factors weakening the immunity system, which leads to infections, allergies, circulatory insufficiency, constant fatigue and many other diseases.

The oxygen therapy is based on years of academic research. It is a scientifically acknowledged method used by chosen clinics in the whole world.

The basis of the oxygen therapy is the control of transport mechanisms and regulation of metabolic processes in the organism. Today this treatment is enormously popular amongst inter alia Olympians, sports clubs, show – business people as well as more and more brother and sisters of ours in the everyday world.

The hypoxia may be caused by:

  • Burden of housework, workload in the office, too intensive training,
  • Stress and tensions resulting from psychophysical effort,
  • Tobacco smoking, alcohol and coffee drinking,
  • Negative side-effects of taking medicaments.
(purchased before the stay)
25 PLN 200 PLN 170 PLN

Local cryotherapy

local 20 PLN 160 PLN -
local (nitrogen) + gymnastics 1 point. 35 PLN 280 PLN 240 PLN

Brine bath

The brine bath is in truth similar to the normal sea bath and may be applied either in the full or partial version. Its physical and chemical factors influence large surfaces of kin and thereby cause various local and topical reactions. Thanks to the proper temperature of water and mineral ingredients included within, the epidermis gets swollen, which enables absorbing of mineral elements.

The basic component of the bath are sodium chloride and ions of iodine, bromine, iron, magnesium, calcium and other. The “salt coat” on the skin provides a long-lasting therapeutic effect. A proper concentration of the solution and an optimal temperature (35-36°C) stimulate the vascular system, stabilize any improper reactions of the autonomic nervous system, alleviate the pain and inflammations, improve the efficiency of joints and muscles and lower the blood pressure. The mineral elements widen the blood vessels in your skin, underskin tissue and muscles, loosen the muscular tension, stimulate the metabolism.


  • Chronic respiratory diseases and sinusitis,
  • Degenerative changes in the peripheral joints and spine
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)
  • Ankylosing spondylitis (AS)
  • Recovery after serious illnesses and surgeries,
  • Obesity,
  • Climacteric syndrome,
  • Dermatological diseases,
  • Psoriasis,
  • Skin inflammations,
  • Multiple sclerosis,
  • Insomnia,
  • Neurosis,
  • Immunity increasing


  TREATMENT 1 TREATMENT PRICE 9 TREATMENTS PRICE 9 TREATMENT’ PRICE (PURCHASED BEFORE THE STAY)   Zabłocie Health Resort Salt 35 PLN 280 PLN 240 PLN Ciechocinek Health Resort Salt   40 PLN 320 PLN 280 PLN Black Sea Salt   35 PLN 280 PLN 240 PLN   Bochnia Salt 35 PLN 280 PLN 240 PLN


The treatment aims at recovery of a lost function of a muscle or a group of muscles, increasing the body mass, strenght and endurance of muscles through improving of the blood circultion, reducing of swelligs and spasticity.

20 PLN 160 PLN


A treatment which consists in introducing medicaments to the tissues using direct current voltage. It may works eiter as a painkiller, anti-inflammatory measure or a scar softener.

20 PLN 160 PLN


A treatment with current of low and medium voltage, which alleviates any muscles tensions, reduces local blood congestion, stimulates muscle growth, reduction of swellings, pains and inflammations.

15 PLN 120 PLN

Diadynamic currents

A direct current voltage flows through the body of the patient, which reduces the excitability of the nervous system, reduces pain and inflammations, widens blood vessels.

15 PLN 120 PLN

Whirlpool limb massage

It's a massage of either upper or lower limbs placed in the water, in small dishes, equipped with the current of mechanical voltage which makes the water rotate. This bath constitutes a soft massage enriched with the power of warmth.

The treatment loosens tissues, lowers the musucular tension, improves the blood supply and alleviates pain.


  • Osteoarthritis,
  • Disturbances of the blood supply in the limbs,
  • Muscular artrophy and weakness,
  • Post-traumatic condition,
  • Cicatricial contractures.
(purchased before the stay)
15 PLN 120 PLN 100 PLN

Individual gymnastics

Chosen and arranged according to the therapist's recommendations as to this particular disease or ailment.

The therapists has a full control over the patient and his or her progress, may adapt the type of activities and their pace to the patient. This gymnastics is good both for children and adults - having orthopaedic, neurological, rheumatoidal, cardiological, oncological and post-surgery disorders.

  1 TREATMENT PRICE 9 TREATMENTS PRICE, 9 TREATMENTS PRICE (purchased before the stay)   60 PLN 480 PLN 420 PLN

Trabert currents, TENS currents

It's a form of skin stimulation via impulse currents of different voltage frequency, which soothes muscular tensions, local tissue congestions and any pain ailments.

15 PLN 120 PLN


A magnetic fielf of low voltage frequency. The varying magnetic fielf has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, loosens muscular tensions and improves the paripheral circulation, which prompt healing of wounds and reprduction of bones.

20 PLN 160 PLN

Laser biostimulation

The laser radiation has biostimulating, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, improves the microcirculation of blood as well as nourishing and regeneration of cells.

20 PLN 160 PLN


A treatment using the healing properties of the infrared rays which widen the blood vessels, loosen the muscles, alleviate pains and inflammatories.

15 PLN 120 PLN

Ultrasounds - phonophoresis

Ultrasounds to perform a micromassage of tissues, widening of blood vessels, reduction of muscular tension, treating of pain and inflammations as well as healing any swellings.

20 PLN 160 PLN

Hand-performed lymphatic drainage

Aims at stimulation of the lymphatic system and get rid of the stuck lymph. It is a fom of a soft massage performed by a therapist. Either one or two limbs are subjected to the treatment, e.g. lymphatic drainage of the upper limb for women after the surgery of mastectomy (thus, in this case first of all preventing or removinf of the oedema).

1-odcinkowe 70 zł 315 zł 630 zł

Hydromassage Moto Massage Jet-Stream

Bathing in streams of air bubbles, which soothes pain and swellings, improves the physical ftness and functional capacities of joints, loosens tensions in the body and provides relaxation.


  • Diseases of peripheral vessels,
  • Spine pain syndrome,
  • sciatica,
  • Degenerative changes of the spine and peripheral joints,
  • rheumatoid arthritis (RA),
  • gout,
  • neurosis,
  • depression,
  • insomnia,
  • obesity,
  • chronic female diseases and depression during menopause,
  • irregular and painful menstruation,
  • chronic dermatological diseases (inflammations, psoriasis and dermatophytosis),
  • decubitus ulcers,
  • trophic ulcers,
  • increased or pathological reduction of muscular tension,
  • getting rid and prevention of cellulite,
  • stretch marks and post-surgery swellings.
(purchased before the stay)
25 PLN 200 PLN 160 PLN

Four-cell galvanic bath

It is a water treatment using the electrical current. The electricity is plugged to the cells where the patient submerges their upper and lower limbs. There are two kinds of baths. The bottom-up current direction bath stiulates the central nervous system whereas the top-down bath lowers the excitability of the central nervous system.


  • paresis,
  • hypertension,
  • neuralgic pains,
  • osteoarthritis,
  • vegetative neurosis,
  • polyneuritis.
(purchased before the stay)
15 PLN 120 PLN 100 PLN

Four-cell contrast bath (using alternating hot and cold spraying water)

It is a water treatment - involves immersing the upper and lower limbs in special cells where warm and cold water flow in turn. The bath is supposed to help the patient adjust to the cold, reduce the resistance od peripherial vessels and stimulate the blood circulation.

It also supports the metabolism, has relaxing properties and treats the nervous system. Recommended in case of neurosis, depression, sleep disorders, weakened immunity and circulatory disorders.

(purchased before the stay)
15 PLN 120 PLN 100 PLN

Pain Treating Gymnastics of the Spine

Exercises aiming at the therapy of spine pain syndrome but also providing a proper prophylaxis. thanks to the gymnastics you can eliminate any bad habits burderning your spine.

Perfect exercises for people who excessively and persistently overload their spine by an improper way of life but also for people with:

  • obesity,
  • sedentary life or workstyle,
  • lack of fitness activities.

These exercise raise the mobility of spine, strenghten the back, stomach and buttocks' muscles. They are performed in proper positions, in a steady, peaceful motion with your breath rhytmical and even.

20 zł 90 zł 180 zł

Carbonic acis bath

We prepare the water destined for carbonic acid bath using special device called saturator, in which the water from a water supply system is saturated at a pressure with a carbonic acid anhydride. A bath with water of the temperature 60°C is mixed with the saturated water with the carbonic acid anhydride so that the final temperature could be 32 – 34°C.

The carbonic acid anhydride is given out on skin in form of gas bubbles and leads to many changes, amongst other widening of the capillaries, arteries and veins. The blood pressure is lowered, both the normal one and the hypertension, too. The heart beat slows down. The temperature of the water used in this case is 30° - 32-34°C. The bath duration is 10-20 minutes and depends on the general condition of the patient.


  • Arterial hypertension
  • Cardiac defets in the period of even blood circulation,
  • Cardiovascular problems of inconsiderable degree,
  • Condition after myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscles),
  • Myocardial degeneration,
  • Obesity
(purchased before the stay)
  35 PLN 280 PLN 240 PLN

Massage Wellsystem-Hydro Jet Medical

A unique hydro massage in a dry form which provides you with excellent relaxation. The individually regulated water jets massage your body through a thin mat. You can choose a few massaging techniques: flow jets, rotation massage or local massage - all of them according to the intensity mode chosen by you. Th Medy Jet relaxes, calms down, loosen the muscular tensions, alleviates spine pais, improves your frame of mind. That's a must-have for those of you who are constantly in a hurry - no need to change or undress, no need to wait for the body to dry after the treatment.

The Medy Jet in recommended in case of the following ailments:

  • fatigue and stress,
  • pain in the back,
  • contractions or strains of the muscles,
  • weakened mental and physical ability
(purchased before your stay)
80 - -

Classical massage

The techniques of the classical massage consist in the sequential techniques of stroking , rubbing, pressing, tapping, vibration, rolling, shaking and other, as the body area indicates. They cause gradually increasing effects: starting from removing the horny epidermis through heating up the skin and underskin tissues as well as muscles, loosening of muscles, forcing a drainage of the stuck blood, which results in the blood flow rich in oxygen and nourishing elements, as well as stuck lymph, which removes swellings and improves the immunity.

Rubbing removes metabolites, post-inflammatory exudates, adhesions of tissues, helps remove growths of the bone tissue. Pressing forces the blood and lymph of the peripheral vessels to the central ones, removes the stuck substances from before and resulting from the treatment. It has excellent relaxing properties but also stimulates muscles, treats atrophies and paresis of muscles.

Tapping as a strong mechanical stimulator improves the condition of muscles, reduces the nervous excitability, alleviates neuralgic pains and considerably increases the blood supply in the massaged area. Depending on the chosen grips, techniques and intensity of the massage, it may either show relaxing or stimulating influence on the muscles and the nervous system. Vibration, rolling and shaking remove metabolites and – as the current need indicates – loosen or stimulate muscles. A crowning of the massage is a soothing and calming stroking.

The classical massage is one of the ways to heal stress and its effects having a negative impact on the frame of mind and mental – physical condition. The massage improves fitness, calms down, stabilizes the organism functioning, prompts the recovery process and prevents atrophies.


  • Degenerative changes in the spine and peripheral joints
  • Spine pain syndrome
  • Sciatica
  • Twisting, spraining, fracture of a bone, bruising
  • Condition after a hard physical effort
  • Contractures, paresis and paralysis
  • Pulling and rupturing of tendons
  • Faulty postures, lateral curvature of the spine
  • Misshapen feet, club feet, flat feet
  • Knees valgity and varus deformity
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)
  • Parkinson diseaese
  • Paralysis caused by a spinal cord injury
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Spina bifida
  • Retarded psychomotor development
  • Inflammations and irritations of the peripheral nerves and plexuses
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Neurosis, depression
  • Long-lasting stress
  • Overwork
1-odcinkowe 35 zł 157 zł 315 zł
kręgosłupa 70 zł 315 zł 630 zł
całościowy 170 zł 765 zł 1530 zł

Automatic lymphatic drainage

Aims at stimulation of the lymphatic system and get rid of the stuck lymph. It is performed with a special apparatus - a sort of a sleeve of an automatic pumpin cycle which drains the lymph of limbs. Indictions: oedema of the upper limbs.

kończyny górne 30 zł 135 zł 270 zł
kończyny dolne 50 zł 225 zł 450 zł

Cavitation combined with the selected procedure

45 PLN

Purifying Balance

260 PLN

Normalizing treatment. Regulates the level and secretion of sebum. Evens, cleanses and mattifies the skin

A drop of the Baltic Sea

260 PLN

Hydration treatment. Strongly nourishes and maintains the appropriate water level. The effect of freshness and delicacy

The Power of Collagen

280 PLN

It fights tissue loosening, tightens, smoothes, firms and oxygenates.

Blue Lagoon

475 PLN

"Actively" moisturizing treatment for dehydrated skin. Skin becomes deeply moisturized, regains its firmness, density and ability to retain water.

Vitamin Cocktail

475 PLN

Vitamin C stimulates regeneration, optimizes hydration and regulates pigmentation. Provides brightness and radiance to the skin

Subtle Touch

250 PLN

It has anti-inflammatory, regenerating properties and minimizes inflammation. Hydrates and restores the skin's elasticity and softness.

Gentleman's Time

335 PLN

The treatment refreshes, regenerates and renews. Restores energy and oxygenates tired skin. Gives a feeling of comfort.

Full of Shine

A regenerating, vitalizing and activating collagen synthesis treatment. Reduces signs of fatigue and age.

Magical Reconstruction

675 PLN

Strong anti-wrinkle and firming effect. It shapes the face oval, improves elasticity and rebuilds skin architecture.

The Spell of Youth

625 PLN

A treatment intended for mature skin. The oval of the face is renewed, becomes firm and beautiful. Combats the most visible symptoms of skin aging.

Essence of Beauty

850 PLN

An exclusive treatment based on 24-carat gold. Immediately tightens, smoothes, nourishes and regenerates the skin. Gives radiance and shine.

Deep Cleansing

340 PLN

Intensive cleansing and drainage treatment. It reduces fat tissue and shapes the figure.

Slim Renewal

350 PLN

It fights local fat deposits and re-shapes the figure. Drains and prevents the development of new fat cells.

Firm and delicate

320 PLN

Combats loosening of the skin. Strengthens the structure and restores the body's elasticity.

Sculpting Bandage + SPA Capsule

185 PLN

A weapon in the fight against body imperfections. It has modeling, anti-cellulite, draining and firming properties.

A Breeze of the Sea

110 PLN

Peeling containing sea salts. Nourishes and smoothes the body.

Deep Regeneration

100 PLN

It perfectly eliminates roughness and at the same time perfectly prepares the skin for slimming and nourishing treatments.

Delicate touch

110 PLN

Regenerates the skin of your hands. It restores its softness, smoothness and fights against discoloration.

Light and subtle

125 PLN

Smoothes and reduces the hardness of the skin of the feet. It makes them soft and delicate.

Chocolate Delight

280 PLN

Sweet elixir of beauty. It has a slimming effect, smoothes and moisturizes the skin. Eliminates stress and relaxes the body.

The Magic of Solace

295 PLN

A nourishing ceremony for dry, dehydrated and lacking elasticity skin. Recommended for pregnant women.

Power Slim Studio with body mask

120 PLN

A pleasant relaxing and nourishing treatment. The skin becomes firm and elastic

Sculpting Bandage + Power Slim Studio

185 PLN

A weapon in the fight against body imperfections. It has modeling, anti-cellulite, draining and firming properties.

SPA capsule with body mask

120 PLN

A pleasant relaxing and nourishing treatment. The skin becomes firm and elastic.

SPA capsule

SPA capsule - is a multifunctional SPA device that combines the functions of a typical infrared sauna and a dry sauna while offering additional services in the form of color therapy, aromatherapy, Vichy showers, 
vibration massages, foot massage, Scottish showers and water mists.

Weight loss PLN 105
Detoxification PLN 105
Stress reduction PLN 105
Cellulite reduction PLN 105
SPA capsule with body mask PLN 120
SPA capsule + sculpting bandage PLN 185

In the Spa Capsule we can use one of ten programs:

    weight loss,
    stress reduction,
    pain reduction,
    cellulite reduction,
    compresses, water therapy,
    individual program.

Power Slim Studio

Power Slim Studio is a modern device that mobilizes the burning of fat tissue, regenerates, relaxes and intensifies and accelerates the effect of cosmetic treatments.
Sauna session PLN 60
Relaxation session PLN 90
Power Slim Studio with body mask PLN 120
Power Slim Studio + sculpting bandage PLN 185

Effective slimming, cellulite-eliminating and relaxing treatments. Power Slim Studio is equipped with TV, DVD, sound system, ionization, light therapy, a comfortable beauty bed, and a touch control panel. A large amount of infrared light accompanying the SPA treatment intensifies numerous metabolic processes, stimulates collagen production and leads to improved appearance and elasticity of the skin. The skin acquires a healthy color, becomes smooth and velvety to the touch. But it is not everything…

The unique ionization technology gives relaxation a new meaning. Thanks to the action of negative ions, you feel refreshed, and the metabolic processes that are so important in many treatments occur more efficiently and faster.
Ionized air in Power Slim Studio removes fatigue, gives you a great feeling of well-being, improves the efficiency of the respiratory system and has a great effect on the skin. The device is certified by the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Sunny meadow

30 PLN

Modern and healthy tanning all year round as well as relaxation and rest, e.g. after a water bath or steam bath.


A sunny meadow gives your body a delicate tan thanks to rays similar to natural sunlight. Lying in the zone of natural and slightly tanning sunlight, you can relax and improve your skin tone.

On a sunny meadow, the guest relaxes as if in the bosom of nature, because the tanning element placed high under the ceiling allows for relaxation-friendly stretching, which helps to relax the body and mind. The sunny meadow is a hit in our SPA.


A device that shapes the figure. Massage with the Starvac apparatus is an effective method of reducing cellulite, stretch marks, scars and lymph stasis. It has an anti-wrinkle effect, restoring skin elasticity, eliminating muscle tension and improving circulation.

Legs PLN 125
Belly/buttocks/thighs PLN 125
Whole body PLN 300
Face/feet PLN 85
Feet PLN 60

Treatments using the Starvac device have a positive effect on:

    body shaping,
    weight loss,
    removal of stretch marks,
    fat removal,
    stimulation of circulation,
    lymph stasis,
    "heavy legs",
    face and body lifting,
    acceleration of skin regeneration after injuries and surgery.

Oxygen therapy

30 PLN

Administration of "pure" oxygen, resulting in detoxification and cleansing, increased immunity, and oxygenation of the heart muscle. The treatment is especially recommended for smokers.


160 PLN

A painless Spa treatment that removes dead skin and deeply cleanses pores. Cavitation peeling has a disinfecting and stimulating effect. The result is intense refreshment and preparation of the skin for further care.


hand paraffin PLN 70
foot paraffin PLN 80

"Panoramisiowy Raj" body treatment

130 PLN

A fabulous care and relaxation treatment, full of warm aromas, especially cares for the delicate skin of our youngest

"Tropical Adventure" massage

90 PLN

A unique, relaxing, relaxing back massage full of wonderful aromas and sensations

Velvet Relaxation

210 PLN

A smoothing and draining treatment. Full relaxation and rest

Glow effect

475 PLN

A great way to restore skin firmness and radiance. It revitalizes, strengthens and evens out its color

Therapeutic mud bath

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The therapeutic mud is a sort of a healing peat having a large thermal capacity and simultaneously a small thermal conductivity. It causes a regional overheating of tissues and congestion of the deeply located muscles which as a result loosen. The overheating of tissues leads to an intensified sweating and salt excretion of salt, fats, cholesterol, uric acid and lactic acid. The mush has anti-pain properties and influences the work of endocrine glands.

It has also a good impact on the ovaries because it heats them up and facilitate absorbing ingredients of oestrogenic action. The tissues are overheated, the blood vessels widen up, are better oxygen-supplied and nourished, the metabolism is quicker, the skin is cleansed. The treatment has nourishing, regenerating and firming properties. The water temperature varies from 30 °C up to 36 °C. The bath duration amounts to 10 – 20 minutes and depends on the general condition of the patient.


  • Degenerative changes of joints
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)
  • After injures of soft tissues
  • Conditions after fractures and twisting of bones
  • Metabolism complaints
  • Obesity
  • Fatigue after an intensive work of muscles
  • Neurosis, depression
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Overall fatigue of the organism
  • Long-lasting stress
(purchased before the stay)
35 PLN 280 PLN 240 PLN

Manipulative exercises of hands

Exercises for patients with a disruption of hand motor function, i.e. sureness and precision of grip and the manipulative function.

These activities are destined for people:

  • having visibly lowred or raised muscular tension in te area of upper limb,
  • having problems with the coordination of bth hands during manipulative activities,
  • having a distured function of grip,
  • kids having problems with learning of the everyday activities and reluctant to perform manual activities such as painting, puzzles etc.

Nordic Walking

By practicing this sport, you engage the majority of your muscles to effort and they work differently than during a normal march. Your arms become much stronger and resilient, your whole body is now functioning much better and even hills or mountains are no obstacle for you anymore. And remember, Nordic Walking allows you to burn much more calories than during walking.

Eyebrows / Eyelashes

eyebrow and eyelash henna PLN 80

eyebrow or eyelash henna PLN 45
adjustment PLN 60


Japanese manicure PLN 160

classic manicure PLN 160
classic pedicure PLN 205
manicure + pedicure PLN 360
nail painting PLN 40

Hot stones massage

Hot stones massage

Hot stone massage improves the appearance of the skin, improves muscle tone and elasticity, has a calming and relaxing effect, and relieves the symptoms of stress.

whole body 90 min. PLN 370
back PLN 130
whole body 60 min. PLN 250


Hot stone massage affects:

    appearance of the skin: facilitates skin breathing, improves skin nutrition, improves its elasticity and firmness, and therefore its appearance, accelerates blood and lymph circulation in the skin vessels, helps fight cellulite
    muscle tissue: increases the ability of muscles to work. It improves muscle tension and flexibility and regenerates after long-term physical exercise
    circulatory and lymphatic system: improves the functioning of systems, facilitates the outflow of venous blood, reduces blood resistance in the arteries, facilitates the functioning of the heart
    nervous system: has a calming and relaxing effect, relieves the symptoms of stress.


Face, neck and cleavage massage

100 PLN

Eyebrow regulation

60 PLN

Cutting the bangs

30 PLN

Men's haircut

50 PLN

Corrective gymnastics

These exercises are supposed to develop proper bodily posture and treat such ailments at children with the following faluty postures:

  • rounded back (humped posture),
  • concave back (vast lumbar lordosis),
  • rounded-concave back, scoliosis,
  • chest deformatios,
  • lower limbs defects of lower limbs (inter alia flatfoot),
  • obesity at children having a negative influence on their fitness capacity.

These exercises strenghten the muscles of back, stomach, thighs, calves and feet, teach how to breathe correcty during the physical activity.

And depending on the age of our patients, the sets of exercises shall differ from one another. For younger children it's mainly fun and play, whereas for older children - the strict form. Our therapists chosse such exercises which shall certainely be accepted by children.

Gymnastics in the Children's World

As you know, physical activity is the main stimulator for the child's development. It also has a positive impact on the motor actvity. Children learn new movements, exercises and games, they find out what cooperation and rivalry mean. Our gymnastics in the Children's World consists mainly in the basic movements such as jump, throw, run and crawling. But they also teach how to concentrate on what you're doing, how to control your reations and become more disciplined.

Topical cryotherapy + gymnastics

A treating method consisting in very low temperature, i.e. under 0, usually -120° do -160°C. A short-term cold causes various positive reactions in the organism.

After a series of topical cryotherapy treatments any pain ailments are much less severe. The treatment has excellent anti-inflammatory properties and reduces swellings. The immunity system is stronger and more resistant to infections. The blood circulation is better, the organism gets free of toxins. The patient no longer feels the fatigue, headaches, sleep disorders or bad mood, feeling more vital and healthy. The cryochamber is also very helpful in case of depressions and lowered frame of mind. What is more, such treatments also help get rid of cellulite, make your skin firm and young again. The cryotreatments facilitate losing weight.

The cryochamber heals pain, loosens tensed muscles, improves your fitness and allows you to exercise better. That is why right after leaving the chamber we use physical exercises, adapted to the capacity and abilities of the patient.

Fundamental indications to use the cold treatment are:

  • Rheumatoidal diseases and rheumatic disease of the motor organ,
  • Psoriatic arthritis (PsA),
  • Spine pain syndrome,
  • Sciatica,
  • Periaarticular inflammation,
  • Lymphoedema,
  • Degenerative disc disease,
  • Osteoporosis prophylaxis,
  • Injuries of joints and soft tissues,
  • Multiple Sclerosis,
  • Biological renewal and wellness,
  • Overwork and long-lasting stress
(purchased before the stay)
Topical + gymnastics 20 – 40 min 50 PLN 400 PLN 350 PLN


Legs PLN 240
Calves PLN 120
Bikini/armpits PLN 120
Beard/mustache PLN 40

Hair sauna

90 PLN

Men's haircut + washing

80 PLN

short hair

Haircut PLN 80
Modeling PLN 80
Haircut + modeling PLN 130
Coloring PLN 200
Coloring + haircut PLN 270
Coloring more than 1 color PLN 270
Coloring more than 1 color + haircut PLN 310

Long hair

Haircut PLN 130

Modeling PLN 130
Haircut + modeling PLN 170
Coloring PLN 350
Coloring + haircut PLN 350
Coloring more than 1 color PLN 350
Coloring more than 1 color + haircut PLN 400

medium hair

Haircut PLN 100
Modeling PLN 100
Haircut + modeling PLN 150
Coloring PLN 300
Coloring + haircut PLN 310
Coloring more than 1 color PLN 330
Coloring more than 1 color + haircut PLN 380

Chocolate massage

Body massage using cocoa bean extract stimulates the body to produce endorphins - the hormone of happiness. It provides deep relaxation, eliminates tension, calms and cleanses the senses, bringing good well-being.
whole body 90 min. PLN 370
whole body 60 min. PLN 250

Foot massage

45 PLN

Foot massage PLN 45
with peeling PLN 125
candles PLN 90