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A picturesque town

Jarosławiec is a picturesque resort located right at the Baltic Sea, dating back to the 16th century. Once a fishing village, hiding its most precious treasure within - the amber. Now it attracts thousands of tourists with marvellous sunsets, the purest water of all and numerous attractions of the middle coast.

Attractions on the Baltic

When at the seaside, don't forget to visit the more than 33-metre high lighthouse, the light of which can be visible from the distance of 16 miles. The viewpoints on the dunes give additional charm to the place - you will find here the protected sea holly.

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Where Your Dreams of Perfect Vacation Come True

Calming forests, pure water and a friendly climate make your stay here impeccable. No other seaside resort can be compared with ours. The Guests of the Health Resort & Medical SPA Panorama Morska have already been taking advantage of the numerous attractions our Jarosławiec has to offer. Now it's your turn to join them!
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Attractions in the area

  • Lighthouse in Jaroslawiec - From 33 meters there is a great sight at the sea and two huge lakes
  • Amber Museum in Jarosławiec –  discover the genesis of baltic amber, it's species and forms of it's extraction, and also wonders of nature enclosed in it.
  • Bike circuit -  that 's adjacent to the sea, From Darłowo to Jaroslawiec at a distance of 20km.
  • Pomeranian Duke's Castle in Darlowo - In which you'll find a Regional Museum
  • Slowinski National Park - The world's biosphere reserve
  • Butterfly Land  –  In where you can discover multiple species of butterflies and gather information about them

Attractions in area - part 2

  • Saint Mary Church in Darłowo - Baroque paintings from the first half of the 18th century, sarcophagi of Pomeranian dukes, portraits of apostles from the end of the 17th century
  • Sea Pier – If you are an enthusiast fisherman, you can sign in for a fisherman's trip that is organised bye proffesional fishermen.
  • Fisshing Vessel Cruise -  You can discover new astonishing facts about fisherman's methods to catch fishes and steering the vessel.
  • Fisherman's Gallery – In which you can see multiple items that are handy for fishermen, and were used by our grandparents to catch fishes
  • Rope Park  – Fun in a form of dexterity excercises, in which you have to be smart and agile.
  • Tourist's Choo-Choo – A colorful Choo-Choo that offers rides for whole families.
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The most beautiful Beach in Poland - Dubai

Our guests now have even more room to rest and relax in this unique area. Visitors to the beach in Jaroslawiec already compare it to the beaches in Dubai.

This season, visitors to the artificial beach in Jaroslawiec are to wait for new attractions - including volleyball fields. This year, the first outdoor events will take place there.

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