What is the Health Resort? What is a resort? What is the difference between a resort and a hotel? Then you MUST know!

27 Jun 2019

What is the Health Resort? What is a resort? What is the difference between a resort and a hotel? Then you MUST know!

What is a resort, a hotel? Hotel a resort - this is an issue that concerns not only our customers, especially since it is difficult to find clear definitions of what makes a resort different from a hotel. When deciding on holidays at the Polish seaside, in the mountains or anywhere else and browsing the list of facilities offering hotel services, we often come across the term resort. We also often wonder why a hotel does not use the term hotel by the sea for children, but a resort by the sea for children. What is the difference? This is mentioned in the following part of the entry. Resort a hotel To understand what a resort is, we have prepared a short table which will explain why we cannot call ourselves a hotel. Seaside panorama hotel Min. 10 rooms 430 Rooms Most places in single and double rooms single, double, triple, quadruple, family rooms Provides catering services It provides many types of services - including medical services, rehabilitation, SPA, recreation, catering, etc. It offers breakfast All Inclusive offer by the sea - breakfasts, lunches and dinners without limit, full-day buffets with snacks, free alcohols, ice-cream and drinks Small surface area Huge area containing 3 restaurants, Aquapark, SPA salon, reception desk, rehabilitation, playgrounds, playgrounds, playgrounds and 3 playgrounds Building with hotel rooms Many facilities - choice of hotel rooms at the seaside, seaside cottages, apartments at the seaside As you can see from the above list, to qualify our facility as a seaside hotel would decrease the scope of its services and capabilities. In Polish there is no clearly defined definition of a resort as a hotel facility in the Polish language yet, because this term is equivalent to a large foreign resorts that provide similar services. It is only in foreign sources that we find a definition that tells us that: A resort is a self-contained facility that provides most of the needs of holidaymakers, such as food, drink, accommodation, sports, entertainment and shopping, in one place. The resort has a number of amenities, including usually entertainment and recreation. The central element of the resort is usually a hotel. One of the varieties of resorts is All Inclusive Resorts, which are full of foreigners, but are still not very popular in Poland: All Inclusive Resorts charge a fixed price that includes most or all of the services such as accommodation, unlimited meals, drinks, as well as sports and entertainment activities. All Inclusive Resorts provide three meals a day, non-alcoholic beverages and most alcoholic beverages. Simply put, the resort is a foreign-standard hotel. It is a new category of hotel facilities in Poland, which is just beginning to develop, and which offers holidays at the Polish sea All Inclusive. Probably in the course of time we will see a definite regulation of this type of facilities in Poland, until then we have to use foreign definitions. Panorama of the Sea was qualified as a Health Resort & Medical. Health Resort & Medical evokes in the recipient associations with health, health resort. The offer includes services of a therapeutic nature, such as holiday and health stays. Their main goal is to take care of the best health of guests who are not only to relax, but also to return home healthier. Our rehabilitation combined with the highest quality SPA services and walks in the picturesque area like in a botanical garden will restore our guests fitness, health and vitality. As you can see, Panorama Morska is something more than a hotel, more than a resort and something more than a Resort All Inclusive. It is Healt Resort & Medical, which gives our guests much more than they would get in a regular hotel, a regular resort or even an All Inclusive resort. All this, and much more, you will only get from us - entertainment, health, relaxation and above all an unforgettable holiday! What is the difference between a resort and a hotel? And now let's look at the subject from a different angle - what does it mean for a tourist to choose not a hotel by the sea, but a resort? We give you some important differences: The main goal of the hotel is to meet the needs of accommodation for a short period of time. The hotel provides a roof over your head and this is its most important role. The resort, however, of course, provides accommodation for tourists, but its main goal is to organize free time and guarantee unforgettable holidays by the sea for its guests. The most important thing for resorts is to provide: Attractions for children by the sea - all-day animations for children by the sea, playgrounds for children, playgrounds, playgrounds, recreational facilities, playgrounds in restaurants, Aquapark for children with slides Recreation by the sea for adults - SPA salon, Wellness zone, Aquapark with massages and deckchairs, night events, alcohol at the price of All Inclusive, activities and sports facilities Holidays for seniors by the sea

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