The way of eating - what to do if the child does not want to eat

27 May 2019

The way of eating - what to do if the child does not want to eat

What to do when a child does not want to eat Almost every parent at least once in their life goes through this difficult stage in motherhood - our child starts to whine and refuse to eat vegetables, fruits and healthy meals, but does not despise sweets and highly processed food. However, on every nibble you have to find the right way - the best one is the creative look of the dish on the plate! Why it is worth taking care of the aesthetics of dishes for children and what benefits it brings to the child, is suggested by an animator working for Health Resort & Medical SPA Panorama Morska, who conducts culinary workshops with children spending holidays at our resort by the Polish sea All Inclusive. The child does not want to eat? But it certainly wants to have fun! First of all, it is primarily great fun and an idea for boredom, without using tablets, phones or TV. Preparation of a creative dish on a plate requires your child to run the imagination and manual work. In order to create a palm on a banana plate, you need to cut it properly, and in order to make teeth from yellow cheese, you will need to cut out precise teeth. Creative food decoration stimulates imagination, polishes manual skills and trains the child's creativity. Remember not to give your child sharp tools - to cut most vegetables or fruits you do not need a very sharp knife (in the culinary workshops, which runs our hotel for families with children by the sea, children use plastic knives), but still do not leave your child alone with a knife even for a moment. Lack of appetite in the child - an opportunity to improve the relationship with the child! Secondly, it is a great opportunity to build relationships between the child and the parent. It is a way to spend time together, accompanied by a lot of laughter and fun. Many times a child will need our help, which builds up our authority, and we can also teach our child something new. Preparing a creative meal together is an opportunity to improve the parent-child bond and to make up for the time we usually lack every day due to overwork at home and work. Abuse for food? A nice setting is enough! Thirdly and finally, the most important reason is to improve the appetite of our children. Psychologists have proved that the aesthetics of dishes has a huge impact on a person's willingness to eat it, so just as an adult is more likely to eat elegantly decorated dishes on a plate, so a child seeing childish motifs on a plate is more likely to reach for a specific dish. It is a perfect opportunity to smuggle vegetables or fruits, which the child does not want to try in a normal form for nothing - for example, olive oil will encourage our child to eat more when it is cut into the shape of a flying bird than in its original form. It is also proven that a dish, which a child prepares independently and participates in the process of its creation, will be more willingly eaten by him/her because it is the work of our child - emphasizes a psychologist, whose place of work is our center for families with children by the sea. As you can see, fancy decorating dishes is an excellent opportunity not only to fill our child's stomach with healthy food, but also to develop it manually, as well as to improve the bond between the parent and the child. Spending holidays at our resort by the Polish sea we encourage you to participate in culinary workshops, where you can participate in the whole family!

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