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What is All Inclusive? Who does the All Inclusive offer apply to? All Inclusive offer includes 3 meals in the form of buffets, hot and cold drinks, Italian ice cream, selected alcohols and snack buffets. Our All Inclusive offer applies to all guests regardless of the package, and its scope includes catering services, unlimited Aquapark and attractions for children. What do hotel room shortcuts mean - SGL, QDBL DBL, etc.? Abbreviations by the names of rooms mean a detailed description of the room that has been purchased - type of beds, type of room, etc. For example: For example: SGL - single room, DBL - double room, TRP - triple room, QDBL - quadruple room, NP - low ground floor, etc. Visiting the hotel can I receive guests at the hotel? Of course, customers of our resort can accept guests, but this must be notified in advance at the reception desk and several visiting conditions must be met. What is a non-returnable and partially returnable offer? How do they differ? A partial return offer is an offer in which the guest has the opportunity to cancel the offer without incurring any costs up to a certain period of time before arrival, and the guest does not immediately pay the entire amount for the reservation, but only a part of it. However, such an offer is more expensive than a non-returnable offer, i.e. one in which you cannot cancel it without incurring any costs. Pets in the hotel Can I take my dog to the hotel? In our resort it is not allowed to accept animals, but the Panorama Morska cooperates with the Pogodna Villa, 500m away from the resort, where animals are welcome - details can be obtained by phone or at the Reception Desk. Laundry service in the hotel Is there a laundry service in the hotel? There is a self-service laundry in our resort. The laundry is equipped with 7kg washing machines, dryers and ironing boards - irons can be rented free of charge.
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