Lumbar spine pain? It's a symptom of lumbar discopathy!

11 Jul 2019

Lumbar spine pain? It's a symptom of lumbar discopathy!

Lumbar spine discopathy

Discopathy is the most commonly diagnosed lumbar spine dysfunction. It occurs in most people over 40 years of age and is more and more often diagnosed in younger and younger people. What exactly happens with our spine , and how to deal with discopathy, explains our Physiotherapist - whos place of employment is  Rehabilitation at Polish Seaside in Panoramia Morska.


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What is lumbar spine discopathy?

Discopathy is a set of symptoms caused by degenerative changes in the intervertebral disc. The whole process leads to the appearance of spinal pain, limiting daily functioning or may be asymptomatic for a long time. Degenerative changes are inevitable and affect all of us, older and younger, active and sedentary people. In some of them they appear quickly, in others this problem is detected later, it all depends on the "wear and tear" of the spine.


Lumbar Discopathy - what is it all about?

The intervertebral disc consists of a centrally located nucleus crushed around the nucleus of the fibrous ring and border plates separating the disc from the top and bottom of the vertebral bodies. Each of these elements has a specific function. The kernel decomposes and directs the forces acting on the spine. The fibrous ring together with the boundary plates plays a stabilizing role and gives shape to the whole structure of the nucleus.

A properly functioning intervertebral disc is well hydrated. This hydration allows the spinal column to absorb the stress during the day. When the pressure is applied to the spinal segments of the disc, the water is transferred to the structures around it, when the load is reduced, the water returns to the inside of the disc. In conditions that cause an excessive load on the disc, the water content decreases systematically. These include, but are not limited to:

  • congenital malformations and acquired vertebral column defects
  • overloads
  • post-traumatic changes
  • aging of the organism
  • Loss of flexibility
  • Resistance to damage

This complicated mechanism leads to discopathy.


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Back pain in the lumbar region? It could be lumbar discopathy!

The degenerative changes taking place lead to deformation of the intervertebral discs, which at a later stage may result in the appearance of a disc prolapse or disc hernia. Perculosis is the first stage of changes occurring in the disc. The atherosclerotic nucleus moves through the weakened fibrous ring. The hernia, however, is a process of further penetration of the nucleus towards the already torn layers of the fibrous ring, increasingly emphasizing itself outwards. The appearance of pain should be an alarm signal that will force the patient to visit the physiotherapist's office. The physiotherapist will select an appropriate therapy in order to eliminate further degenerative processes. To underestimate the problem can lead to a complete break in the fibrous ring and the nucleus spilling into the spinal cord canal, which is called sequestration. It is a state in which neurological disorders occur and in this case the only salvation is surgery.


Lumbar Dyscopy - Treatment

The key to slowing down degenerative changes is to take care of your spine. It consists of proper ergonomics of the spine both at work and in everyday life. Growing physical activity, which results in better nutrition of the disk. It is also important to rest, during which the discs are regenerated.

How to cope when degenerative changes occur and pain reduces everyday life? It's a good idea to use our rehabilitation treatments at Polish Seaside. There are many regenerative methods, from physiotherapy to manual therapy, massage, spinal mobilization and exercise. The main aim of these treatments is to eliminate existing inflammatory states, reduce pain, restore the balance of muscle tension. Also important is the education of the patient, which consists of the science of minimizing the risk of external overloads. For the treatment of lumbar discopathy, our Rehabilitation by the Polish Sea, where our physiotherapists will help you choose the right exercises and treatment methods for your illness.

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