Hand nail care - 3 proven ways to do it at home!

27 May 2019

Hand nail care - 3 proven ways to do it at home!

Hand nail care Every day they are exposed to a lot of factors that destroy and break them - we wash dishes, use chemicals for cleaning, cut the ingredients for dinner, open cans and do a lot of other things that put them to the test. These are the most exposed and most commonly used parts of the human body and therefore require special care. We are talking about nails - tiny covers of our fingers, which protect and protect them, and which play such an important role in our body. That is why it is so important to care for our nails, nourish them and take care of their appearance. What can we do to strengthen our nails at home, we ask today a cosmetologist working in our SPA by the sea. The first way you can apply it yourself at home is by using a home conditioner made from lemon juice and olive oil. To prepare it, mix 5 drops of lemon juice with a spoonful of olive oil and rub the mixture into the nail float. Apply the conditioner in the evening before going to sleep and put cotton gloves on your hands for the night, so that the product stays on your hands longer. Regular application of the conditioner ensures that our nails will be strong and healthy, because we provide the nails with vitamins A, C and B, which are essential for beautiful and healthy nails. Another method that will be perfect if your cuticles need moisturizing is castor oil - you will get it in drugstores and most pharmacies. We should rub it in the nail bed in the morning and in the evening. Castor oil has a moisturizing effect on the cuticles and on the nail shaft. Nail reinforcement - cucumber, lemon and apple The third way to make beautiful nails is a potion, for which you will need cucumber, lemon and apple. Rub cucumber and apple on a grater with small eyes and squeeze half of the lemon into the mixture. Immerse the nails in a bath prepared in such a way and leave for 30 minutes. The immediate effect of this treatment is the gloss of the nails, and when applied regularly, the nails become brighter and stronger. In this way, we treat ourselves to the best SPA treatments for our nails at home. Applying the above mentioned treatments regularly in a fast way will make our nails healthy and strong. Most of us, however, are very busy and in everyday life does not find time for hand-made masks, home conditioners and treatments performed by ourselves. Then we invite you to our resort for a weekend of SPA by the sea, which offers the best hand care cosmetics of well-known brands, which will quickly restore the strength and brilliance of your nails. Visiting our SPA at the seaside All Inclusive ask the beautician about preparations for healthy and strong nails. In our offer we also have a biological manicure, which improves the aesthetics, shape and casing of the nail - isn't this the best SPA by the sea? :)

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