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Więcej niż hotel przyjazny dzieciom nad morzem!

Aż 3 sale zabaw dla dzieci, w których znajdują się atrakcje dla małych i dużych! U nas każdy znajdzie coś dla siebie, niezależnie od płci i wieku. Nasze zabawki nie tylko bawią, ale i edukują, a do tego są w pełni bezpieczne.

hotel przyjazny dzieciom nad morzem
hotel przyjazny dzieciom nad Bałtykiem
hotel dla rodzin z dziećmi nad morzem

Mini Club "Coco"

Colourful playroom for children 3-8 aged with plenty of games, bricks, jigsaw puzzles, plushie, animals, model cars and other interesting toys which help developing intelligence and encourage to learn.

In the Mini Club "COCO" they are under the watchful eye of a qualified caretaker.

hotel dla rodzin z dziećmi nad Bałtykiem
super hotel dla dzieci nad Bałtykiem

Children's World "TROPI"

These are fun rooms for children aged 3-8 who'd like to keep our resort in their memory. with lots of games and toys to choose from, with two dry pools with balls, mazes, slides, ramps and much more, they will have no chanc whatsoever to feel bored even for one minute! When in the Tropi Room, they should always be supervised by their parents.

Playland "Jumbo"

Panorama Morska offers much more than the Aquapark only! Specially for the new season we have prepared a unique fusion of entertainment and education both for younger and older children. The palette of our offer includes amongst others 5 Xbox stations with as many as 37 games for every age level. We have divided the games into a few age groups – allowed from the age of 3, 7, 12, 16 and 18. Furthermore, our little Guests will find here 2 interactive columns consisting of 4 screens altogether, Knoocker but also lots of big and small board games such as monopoly, draughts, Ludo and many more.
To satisfy all of your needs…

hotel przyjazny rodzinie nad morzem z basenem
hotele z atrakcjami dla dzieci nad morzem


A new HIT in the Panorama of the Sea - a new generation of entertainment! For lovers of virtual reality we have opened the VR MACHINE PARK for you! And in it:

  • VR-TWO machine - VR demonstration in 9D
  • VR- HERO - VR action games with sensors
  • VR RACE - VR racing simulator
  • VR-KIDS - VR simulator for children
wczasy rodzinne nad morzem atrakcje dla dzieci
hotel przyjazny dzieciom morze

For guests of all age !

No matter if you come to us with a teenager or a few months of consolation - in our playrooms there are attractions for both the youngest guests and teenagers, from rattles, through blocks and board games, to X-boxes and VR 9D machine! Our attractions are often used by adults - it's entertainment for everyone!

For a boy and a girl

Plenty of fun for girls, plenty of attractions for boys! Everyone will find something for themselves, no matter if they are interested in blocks or dolls. In addition, many of our attractions such as Knoocker, ball pool, bricks and many more will interest both the boy and the girl!

wczasy dla dzieci nad morzem

Ucz się poprzez zabawę

Celem naszych zabawek jest nie tyle bawić, ale przede wszystkim uczyć! Atrakcje dla dzieci w salach zabaw są starannie wybierane w ten sposób, aby zabawa nimi wspomagała edukację dzieci. Niech Twoje dziecko rozwija się nawet na wakacjach!

hotel dla rodzin z dziećmi nad morzem
hotel dla rodzin z dziećmi nad Bałtykiem
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