Many hotels advertise themselves as children friendly- is it really so?

25 Jul 2019

Many hotels advertise themselves as children friendly- is it really so?

When choosing a hotel by the sea, we often follow the suggestions of hotels that the facility is child-friendly. When you arrive at the hotel, it often turns out that apart from a small playroom for children, the hotel does not offer anything that would indicate that it is a family- and child-friendly hotel. So what does it really mean that the hotel is suitable for children? Animations for children by the sea To call yourself a child-friendly hotel by the sea it is not enough to hire an animator for a few hours a day, who will scratch the children and play tag with them. Parents expect a rich animation plan e.g. Parents expect a rich animation plan, e.g. sports competitions, dance classes, art workshops, culinary workshops, evening shows such as circus performances, illusionist shows or children's theatres, which give their children an unforgettable holiday! Additionally, Parents expect (and rightly so!) that the animators should make sure that the activities for children are not only about fun, but also about teaching through fun: DANCE CLASSES ART WORKSHOPS SPORTING EVENTS They support mobile coordination They help to train the memory They exercise their imagination. Developing creativity They teach the principles of fair play and mutual cooperation They affect the condition A seaside hotel with a swimming pool but no children's pool? We go to a seaside hotel with a swimming pool that advertises itself as child-friendly, but it turns out on the spot that the pool is actually there, however... a swimming pool. And if you are already dealing with a children's pool, often apart from water your child has no alternatives to play with. A child-friendly hotel MUST have a specially adapted swimming pool for children, in which there is no way to get bored: Water slides for the youngest geysers water fountains fairy tale motifs A pool for children should be located inside the building so that it can be open all year round - regardless of whether the children enjoy summer or winter. Hotel by the sea without play areas in restaurants? Every parent knows for sure what a valuable amenity it is to have a quiet meal - especially when we spend our holidays by the sea with a toddler who will not sit down for more than 5 minutes. A hotel friendly to children by the sea is therefore one that offers playgrounds. In addition, it is hard to imagine that in a hotel advertising itself as child-friendly restaurants there are no chairs to feed. Hotel by the sea and playrooms This is probably one of the biggest disappointments - the hotel by the sea advertising that it has a playroom for children, but on the spot it turns out that it has little to do with the room - it is a small piece of room with a few toys. After just an hour our child is bored, let alone playing in the same game for a few days or even a week! A child-friendly facility is one that offers many kinds of entertainment for its youngest guests - several playrooms, outdoor playgrounds and recreational facilities. In addition, the equipment of such facilities should be designed in such a way that a child of all ages will find something for themselves. A swimming pool with balls is not enough to interest a teenager, playing toys will not satisfy a child at preschool age, while Xboxami will not play a baby over a dozen months old. All Inclusive by the sea - And you're out of your mind! Feeding a child on a trip is for most of the parents the biggest cripple, and the thought of eating in a hotel by the sea spends sleep on the eyelids - will my child have something to eat? How big will the choice be? Wouldn't the break between meals be too big? What if he doesn't find anything for himself in the menu? That's not what a parent who chooses an All Inclusive hotel by the sea has to worry about - then everyone will find something for themselves. It is best to choose such an object, where buffets with tasty snacks are available all day long, so you do not have to worry that our child will go hungry. Facilities that will make your holiday easier Hotel friendly to children by the sea, where you can not rent basic equipment for small children? I would like to say - what kind of friendship is this! A hotel friendly to children by the sea should be able to rent: Children's potty potty podiums for small children bath tubs cots for children On holidays the whole family should feel comfortable! Quiet surroundings A child-friendly hotel in the city centre, surrounded by city exhaust fumes, street noise and unfriendly surroundings? Such a holiday is missed the goal - instead of relaxing and regenerating, we provide the child with polluted air and restless sleep. What's more, it's a convenience for a parent who has to keep an eye on his or her child to make sure he or she doesn't run into the street. A child-friendly facility should be located in a quiet area, preferably in a place that is free from smog and polluted air. In addition, green areas rich in plants and flowers are welcome.

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